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Krystal Saum, Artist

  I am an artist and like many before me we create and breath life into the grey world.  I don't have a style cause well as my Auntie says "We get bored". I've never loved one medium so much that I could dedicate all my time to it. I like to create and creation can not be ruled.  


    "If no one gets to enjoy it then why create it?"


 The trick to this statement is hoping that what you have created is something that someone else will enjoy and hang on their walls.





  • 2004 Antonelli College

Associate of Applied Business in Graphic Design


  • Hathaway Stamp & Identification


  • Timeless Elegance Bridal and Formal LLC

          Identity Package

  • DD Honey

          Logo Design

  • Moose Lodge 1245

          Wall Mural & Wall Decor

  • The Home Depot (Store 3816)

          Signage, Vistitor Aprons & Events

  •  Commissioned Art Pieces 2001-Present


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